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Skye teaches you how to create music with virtual instruments and plugins, work with audio and video files, and make both basic edits and more advanced ones with tools like Elastic Time and Pitch.Plus, learn to create a musical score, write and edit automation, and mix with effects loops and more.When I consolidate audio on a track to one piece of audio, it doesn't save the audio in the session folder's audio folder, it is saving it on my internal HDD, then when I close and later reopen the session, the audio is missing and it can't relink. It sounds like it should be the disk allocation but you could also try doing a Save Copy In, which will make a copy of all the audio files in the session, no matter what drive or folder, and copy them all to a new location that you choose. You should verify allocation with every new session to make sure all files will be on the correct drive (or drives).So if I have a track that contains 4 separate impact hits throughout the song, is there a way to consolidate each of those clips as a separate file in one swoop?Everything I try, comes back to holding SHIFT or another way of basically joining all those clips I just used Strip Silence into separate, and joining them again with consolidation, which essentially becomes pointless.Regards Tamas Dragon The audio doesn't degrade when you consolidate. To ease your mind just try this : Make a track, chop and move things. This is why people use double-blind test procedure.

I am mixing a project and I need to know how to consolidate the tracks (making multiple tracks into one).

Consolidate if we are talking about the same thing, does nothing with the audio quality at least not in nuendo, samplitude, sequoia.

If it ruin the audio to some/ to any degree than it's make me think that, so that software is far from decent. But you'll hear a difference if you're convinced that you'll hear a difference.

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