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Yet, if deconstructing the sitcom formula was all creator Dan Harmon’s magnum opus had to offer, it would have been a fun, if superficial lark.

Instead, in telling the story of a ragtag group of community college students, the show used its vast pop culture vernacular as a vessel for telling surprisingly resonant stories about outcasts attempting to find acceptance, a sense of belonging and, yes, community.

The story of four senior citizens—the sarcastic Dorothy (Bea Arthur), her take-no-prisoners mom Sophia (Estelle Getty), the flirtatious Blanche (Rue Mc Clanahan) and the daffy Rose (Betty White)—resonates to this day because it’s an honest story about friendship and building a family out of your community.

And the show was surprisingly progressive tackling topics including gay marriage, teen pregnancy and the AIDS epidemic during its seven season run. Once you’ve watched, you’ll thank these four amazing women for being your friend. Community Creator: Stars: Joel Mc Hale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash Network: NBC, Yahoo As a half-hour sitcom, Community didn’t merely break the fourth wall; it broke it, openly commented on the fact that it broke it, only to then build a fifth wall for the express purpose of further demolition.

For years, all Olmos wanted was to be "the biggest thing on the West Coast," and his initial plan to do that was to be the lead singer in the band .

He was one of the many actors, including Simon Pegg, James Mc Avoy, and Michael Fassbender, who appeared in the WWII series prior to achieving fame.

Saul Tigh — SCI FI Channel Photo: Justin Stephens " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-228953" alt="Battlestar Galactica" src="https:// width="640" height="480"/ There are SO MANY DUDES IN THIS SHOW. Here’s the thing about grown men: they’re not really all that interesting to look at. Show me a bunch of middle-aged men and I will show you to the door so I can walk out that door, walk into a dimly lit room with a bed in it, lie down, and take a nice long nap.

But it wasn’t just that the male:female ratio on this show is criminal, it’s that the men on this show SUCK.

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a lesbian, but I think there’s a thing we see in a person — in a real person too, like it’s a thing I think we’ll see in Kristen Stewart and Ellen Page when they get older, that we saw in Jodie Foster — this toughness, this hardness. She’s fucking toppy, even when she’s not being a top.It’s not just toughness, but whatever the word is for this, it would be in the same general linguistic web as “toughness.” And I think it’s a toughness that is uniquely appealing to women, and attractive to women, and it’s got nothing to do with gender presentation, femininity or masculinity, although it shows up almost universally amongst “hard femmes.” This whole theory is essentialist, sure, but damn this quality makes a really fucking sexy lesbian. As a feminist, I appreciate that she meets men eye-to-eye and I like how she does heterosexuality, but as a queer I just want her to dyke out. Remember when the Sharons didn’t all know about each other yet?Regardless, I wasn’t that into Starbuck after the first season, because… When she was still brand new and didn’t know her spine was on fire. The Sixes seemed intellectually torn between humans and cylons, whereas the Eights seemed more emotionally torn, and therefore less consistent or predictable. Despite high-quality TV shows having debuted since the series ended in 2009, it still ranks among the best TV shows ever created. Moore developed the series, and it won numerous awards under his supervision.